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History of Private Equity Recruiting.

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Since starting the firm in 1997, Private Equity Recruiting. (PER) has built executive search experience throughout the United States and internationally. We have grown one consultant and one recruiter at a time over the years at a pace that keeps us developing a team of the best and brightest, maintaining strength in every industry, function and level, and serving our clients wherever there is a need for enhanced performance and the most talented individuals.


The firm’s focus since its inception has been to provide in-depth retained professional search and strategic consulting services to the Fortune 500 and middle market manufacturers. Our clients are typically sophisticated users of business services who expect creative, tailored solutions to tough business problems. With thousands of successfully completed assignments, we specialize in succession planning, high impact leadership replacement and key functional line/staff assignments in most industries and functions.


Private Equity Recruiting. knows and lives by the fact that “Every Business is a Growth Business…With the Right Leadership”. With this in mind, we focus on attracting professionals with unique technical expertise and skill sets as turnaround agents.

Our Leadership Team

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Operating across industry, function and level for clients, Private Equity Recruiting. attracts high-performing experts with broad functional and industry expertise. With over 300 years of combined specific executive search experience, Private Equity Recruiting. has built a core of tremendous leaders. Each of our Partners and Managing Directors has over 10 years of corporate experience (in fact, more than 2/3 have over 20 years) and come from varied corporate and recruiting backgrounds that provide a strong understanding of business needs and successful talent acquisition operations.


Some of our corporate leadership experience includes:

  • CEO/COO, Finance & Operations
  • Supply Chain, Merchandising, Marketing & Logistics
  • Business Development & Software Development
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Crisis Management

Our Recruiting & Research Professionals

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On each and every search, Private Equity Recruiting.'s Partners and Managing Directors are supported by an industry-leading team of professionals in Research, Recruiting, Technology, Administration and Finance. This team is the focal point of our ability to deliver high performance to our clients. Our results have remained at the highest levels because of our Recruiting & Research Department's incredible execution of our 22-Step Search Process and seasoned experts in executive and professional recruiting.


*Our consultants are supported by an industry leading team of professionals in administration, finance, research and recruiting.


He holds the position of Senior Recruiting Specialist, where he utilizes his people skills and business acumen to develop tactical relationships and arrange high-quality placements. Clay, who joined the firm back in 2010, specializes in placing C-Level personnel within the ranks of top-tier companies.


He heads up leadership consulting at Private Equity Recruiting Inc. His core function is to source skilled professionals looking to advance their careers and match them with companies seeking strong leaders capable of dominating their markets. Working closely with prospects across a variety of industries, Matt sees to it that the right candidates are presented with the right opportunities within the right organizations. His areas of specialty lude marketing, human resources, and analytical research.


She, whose efforts as Executive Search Director have been spawning success for Private Equity Recruiting Inc. since 2001, is a goal-oriented professional with a reputation for meeting important organizational objectives through the implementation of critical procedures and processes. An effective leader with strong business and networking instts, she brings a wealth of valuable skills to the table, utilizing her proficiency in various fields to help clients achieve sustainable growth.