Executive Search & Professional Recruiting Firm

Our Search Process Overview*

Stage 1 - Concept

We analyze the client’s needs to determine the required set of skills, define the required experience, and identify other characteristics necessary for the successful candidate. We then prepare a written specification that outlines the responsibilities of the position, qualifications of the ideal candidate, and criteria for success. This specification defines our search efforts.

Stage 2 - Research

The specification is promptly provided to our research team, having relevant industry and functional expertise to pinpoint sources and prospects. Simultaneously, our recruiters access our database of individuals, corporations and other sources.

Stage 3 - Recruiting

Professional staff members make selective calls to sources and prospects to identify, qualify and attract best-in-class candidates. Executive Benchmarking is used to identify leading companies in an industry and determine which executives at those companies have had the greatest impact on performance. A partner evaluates each potential candidate on the basis of experience and potential cultural fit with our client and creates a written evaluation.

Stage 4 - Presentation

Confidential written reports are typically submitted for three to five Best-in-Class candidates who most closely fit the position specification.

*For more detailed information on our 22-Step Process, please contact us.