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Our process advantage

The PER search process starts with the premise that a client is competing for leadership and innovative business athletes (those who can do more with less) in the same way they compete for market share. It stands to reason that the best leaders and business athletes will come from organizations where they have led or been part of a team that has made a decided difference. PER never assumes it knows more than the client when it comes to their needs but will work diligently with them to identify the true need together. PER has developed a proprietary 22-Step Process that is utilized on every search, whether you are searching for the CEO of a Fortune 50 company or a Director of Quality in a $10M private manufacturing operation. This process starts with our recruiting philosophy, which is centered on “being experts at finding experts”.


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The Harvard Group Philosophy

Expert Hunters & Farmers

So often, we meet new clients with a desire to understand our specialization in a particular niche industry. Our response is a statement of our philosophy, which is that we have a specialization in finding experts in any field. We are expert hunters and farmers. After more than 15 years of intensive work in almost every old and new industry, PER has proven again and again that applying our process to any search simply works. We refuse to rely solely on a tired database and only specialize in a particular area. We refuse to only be farmers. We know from experience that database and niche approaches only restrict the opportunity to find the most talented and often unpublicized experts in a selected industry. “Specialization” limits the selection of experts presented to the client, resulting in the same old “usual suspects” being surfaced. Real-time, fresh research honed with strict specifics will undoubtedly produce the foremost experts in any field or industry. This is not to say that PER will not dive deeply into any specialized search. We will address it with intensity, without assumptions, with open minds and with the use of our broad network of experts. This approach has proven more effective over our competitors for over 15 years. While our searches are tailored specifically to the needs and processes of the client, each and every search undertaken by PER utilizes our proprietary 22-Step Process.

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22-Step Process

Foundation for Success

PER’s 22-Step Process is the key factor to our long history of high performance in the executive and professional search industry. This process was developed by PER in response to a survey of our clients in the mid-1990s that told us they wanted a faster turn-around, 100% completion, guarantee of work performed, off-limits arrangements, and a true partnering relationship. We continue to review, hone and refine that process annually to adapt to the needs and changes of our clients and environments. We have successfully used this process across all industries and functions to which it has been applied. While we don’t detail this process often, the overview here outlines how we break down the process and deliver stellar results. For more detailed information on our 22-Step Process, please contact us.