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Our performance advantage

At Private Equity Recruiting., performance is our priority and is strongly substantiated by our track record. More than 70% of our revenue is from repeat clients or direct referrals, and we maintain a 95% client retention rate. Our goal is certainly to perform on the immediate task of providing the best talent available to our client; but, more importantly, it is to see those people deliver meaningful change and powerful results for our clients.


Performance means: Speed, Proven Success, Best-in-Class and Diversity.

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Accelerating Success

We typically provide a slate of Best-in-Class candidates on each search within 30 business days and frequently faster. Other search firms, especially the larger ones, take 3-6 months to finish a search. Our priority is attracting candidates who exceed our clients’ expectations in the first slate we provide. We dive deeply into the position, culture and expectations at the launch of every search, so our candidates are the best possible fits immediately (i.e. we don’t use this first slate of candidates as a benchmark and then start the “real” search; instead, we get “real” on Day 1).


Proven Success (100% Success Rate)

Guaranteed Commitment

We are committed to the success of each and every client assignment. Annually, across the industry, 20-40% of retained searches are terminated (often by the search firm) with no placement. Private Equity Recruiting. continues every search until the right candidate is found. We will never abandon any project that continues to remain a priority need for our clients. We offer a direct and consultative approach with our clients, which is paramount for success when specific projects become difficult. Simply put, we guarantee our performance and the performance of the people we bring forth.

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Precise & Powerful

Private Equity Recruiting. focuses on candidates who rank in the top 2%. These candidates have made a dramatic impact in their previous roles and can join a client's company to make an immediate, positive impact. We interview final candidates personally prior to presentation to the hiring managers to ensure their capabilities and the proper fit into the culture of our clients. We deliver candidates that present:


  • Demonstrated Success & Achievement
  • Recognizable Career Progression
  • Unique Technical Experience
  • Change Agent Mentality
  • Expertise in Turnarounds & Growth
  • Strong Cultural Fit
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Results, Not Talk

Private Equity Recruiting. recognizes that diversity and inclusion is a sustainable business advantage and provides a direct link to improved performance. Diversity awareness is an orientation that our entire firm takes to heart. Our firm seeks clients and candidates who understand that diversity means inclusion of others of all race, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds. Candidates who come from academic and business environments with diversity in-practice will be sought after by our recruiters. Inclusion understanding begins at the core of the organization, and senior leadership who can practice these tenets offer companies special insight.


Historically, 40% of our searches result in placing diversity candidates. It should be noted here that PER focuses strictly on tracking our diversity placements, not the percentage of diverse candidates that we submit to our clients. We firmly believe that the practice of tracking diverse candidates is not reliable, not necessarily important and often fabricated by those who tout these numbers. PER’s focus is to attract Best-in-Class Diversity candidates, and those efforts are demonstrated in our record of success.


We include a quest for diversity as a part of every search. We believe our approach to diversity recruiting is innovative and in accordance with our in-house processes. Our research team must make a concerted effort to research, screen and attract qualified diverse candidates to ensure a desired diverse candidate slate. Again, as a result, nearly 40% of our successful candidates have been diverse over the last 10+ years (since we started tracking this statistic).


Our success in attracting diversity candidates has developed a high level of trust, credibility and some very strong personal relationships with individuals who are of great assistance during our diversity projects. Our diversity practice is such that we maintain access to all of the diversity professionals previously contacted, creating a valuable source of candidate identification during new diversity searches. We are also members of a number of diversity associations and have maintained meaningful relationships with their key individuals, giving us access to identify and network within various diversity groups.


Private Equity Recruiting.’s Diversity Leadership initiative goes far deeper than merely race and gender factors. While both are important, more important to our success is the special combination of benchmarked Best-in-Class performance factors and culturally-sensitive individuals who understand that the inclusion of different opinions and orientations actually makes organizations stronger.