Executive Search & Professional Recruiting Firm

Our partnership advantage

At Private Equity Recruiting., partnership is about long-term growth and success for your organization. This is not a simple vendor/client relationship. We cultivate professional partnerships with our clients, becoming trusted advisors who earn our clients’ confidence through exceptional performance. This long-term view allows PER to focus on the strategy and culture of our clients, in addition to the specific needs of each search. We have structured our firm to cultivate these partnerships by having expertise across all functions, limiting our client base within specific industries to reduce “off-limits” restrictions and committing to the protection of our clients’ people. Finally, Private Equity Recruiting. has built a powerful confidential network of cross-industry relationships to which all of our clients have access. This allows us to grow our partnership beyond search. Typical uses of this network have ranged from board member selection to developing strategic alliances.


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Professional Client Partnerships

An Extension of Your Company (from Recruiting to the CEO)

Private Equity Recruiting. strongly believes that the Firm should maintain a long-term relationship with its clients, similar in nature to that of an accounting or law firm. In order to accomplish this objective, we have chosen to remain a medium size firm, of substantial scope and depth, dependent upon fewer clients who require a consistent level of high-quality results. To meet these criteria, we employ only senior-level consultants to personally deliver our services. Since we do not require a large staff of senior consultants, we are not distracted by the requirements to manage or support them. This form of organization allows us to be highly client- and market-focused.


From Harvard Group's inception, we have viewed our role as being either an extension to management to accomplish a specific task or as a client team member applying strategic or tactical concepts to solve business or organizational issues. Our primary objective is to help our clients develop and maintain a decided competitive advantage.

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Understanding & Representing Your Company's Culture

As a long-term partner, PER is able to build deep understanding of the culture (and sub-cultures) within our clients. This is a key factor in identifying and recruiting Best-in-Class talent that will strongly fit in the environment of the organization and leads to successful execution of strategy. Additionally, as we continue to work with you, we ultimately become an ambassador in representing you and the culture you offer to candidates. This high-touch approach we take to client relationships and recruiting candidates offers better success in our placements with clients.


Multi-Functional Expertise

Your Partner Throughout the Entire Organization

Working across all functions within our clients’ organizations allows PER another avenue to fully partner with the client. Since we don’t specialize in niche functions, we are able to be the first (and only necessary) call when you are seeking key new talent.



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Limited Off-Limits

Partnership Through Focus

Private Equity Recruiting. partners with only a few key clients in an industry. Our policy to not saturate a given industry reduces “off-limits” companies and gives us more fertile recruiting grounds than our larger competitors who often work with the majority of companies within an industry.


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Protection of Your People & Your Business

Your People are Your Only Long-Term Competitive Advantage

PER has recently witnessed many of our competitors recruiting away key employees from their Clients, while simultaneously being retained on search projects for those same clients. This is a very real side effect of large firms that work throughout an industry and don’t adhere to their “off-limits” responsibilities. This will never be an issue while working with PER! As a direct result of our reduced “off-limits” restrictions, PER is able to employ a strict, ethical “Hands-Off Policy” regarding recruiting from active clients and even inactive clients for mutually agreed upon times. We simply feel that there is no true Partnership without trust, and that trust is not possible if you cannot rely on us to protect your Human Capital interests and assets.

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Beyond Search

Your Partner When & Where You Need Us

Beyond executive and professional search, PER is your partner when and where you need us. This may manifest in M&A deal introduction, joint venture identifications, succession planning, strategy consulting, operations/manufacturing consulting, business development consulting, outplacement, or any other area where you believe our team and our network can be beneficial to your strategy and success.